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پایان نامه کارشناسی ارشد رشته آموزش زبان انگلیسی درباره پیشرفت درک مطلب شنیداری
بهمن 11, 1396
۵,۰۰۰ تومان
۵,۰۰۰ تومان – خرید

پایان نامه کارشناسی ارشد رشته آموزش زبان انگلیسی درباره پیشرفت درک مطلب شنیداری

دانلود پایان نا مه کارشناسی ارشد رشته آموزش زبان انگلیسی درباره پیشرفت درک مطلب شنیداری

با فرمت ورد word ( دانلود متن کامل پایان نامه )

نکته مهم : به خاطر اینکه این پایان نامه به زبان انگلیسی است
موقعی که خواستم متن را از داخل فایل با فرمت ورد به داخل سایت منتقل کنم
دچار به هم ریختگی شد شما می تواند فایل اصلی
را با تمام ضمائم به طور کامل از انتهای این صفحه دانلود کنید
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دانشکده الهیّات و ادبیّات

پا یا ن نا مه
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استفاده از موّاد آموزشی اصیل برای پیشرفت درک مطلب شنیداری در کلاس های انگلیسی به عنوان زبان خارجی

استاد راهنما

سرکار خانم دکتر کارکیا

استاد مشاور

سرکار خانم دکتر قهرمانی قاجار


لیلا قادرپناهی





Faculty of Theology and Humanities

A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Degree of Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Thesis Title

Using Aural Authentic Materials to Develop Listening Comprehension in the EFL Classroom

Thesis Advisor

Karkia Ph.D.

Thesis Reader

Ghahremani Ghajar Ph.D.


Leila Ghaderpanahi

September, 2005

This thesis is approved by:

Dr.P.Karkia (Advisor)


Dr.S.Ghahremani Ghajar (Reader)


Al-Zahra University


September, 2005


To my beloved parents

for all their love, support and

insightful guidance prior and during

the completion of this study,

for teaching me the value of listening

Table of Contents

Acknowledgement X

Abstract XI

List of Tables XII

Chapter 1: Introduction 1

Overview 1
Statement of the Problem and Purpose of the Study 5
Significance and Justification of the Study 6
Research Questions 7
Research Hypotheses 8
What Is Known About Listening 8
What Is Known About Authentic Materials 10
Definition of Important Terms 12
Delimitations 13
Limitations 14
Organization of the Master Thesis 14
Chapter 2: Review of Literature 15

Introduction 15
Listening Comprehension 15
۲٫۲٫۱ Definition of Listening 15

۲٫۲٫۲ Importance of Listening 17

۲٫۲٫۲٫۱ Listening and Academic Success 18

۲٫۲٫۲٫۲ Discovery Listening 18

۲٫۲٫۳ Listening as an Academic Process 20

۲٫۲٫۳٫۱ Knowledge Required for Listening 20


Listening Comprehension versus Reading 21

Listening Comprehension 23
۲٫۲٫۵٫۱ Authentic and Listening 23


Different Kinds of Comprehension 24
Comprehension Preceding Production 25
۲٫۲٫۶ Tasks for Listening Comprehension 25

۲٫۲٫۶٫۱ Performing to Indicate Understanding 27

۲٫۲٫۶٫۲ Teaching rather than Testing 28

۲٫۲٫۷ Inner Speech and Language Learning 29

۲٫۲٫۷٫۱ Listening and Speaking 29

۲٫۲٫۸ Maturation and Language Learning 30

۲٫۲٫۸٫۱ Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal 31


The Role of Background Knowledge in 32
Learning Language

۲٫۲٫۹٫۱ Schema Theory 32

۲٫۲٫۹٫۲ Background Knowledge/Prior 33


۲٫۲٫۱۰ Cultural Background 35

۲٫۳ Listening and English-as-a-Foreign-Language Learning 36

۲٫۳٫۱ The Emergency of Communicative Language 36


Communicative Approach: Some Principles 38
and Features

۲٫۴ The Use of Aural Authentic Materials 40

۲٫۴٫۱ Definitions of Authentic Materials 40

۲٫۴٫۲ Authentic Materials and Language Performance 41

۲٫۴٫۳ Nature of Authentic Texts 43

۲٫۴٫۳٫۱ Characteristics of Authentic Speech 43

۲٫۴٫۳٫۲ Authentic Speech and Cultural Aspect 44

Chapter 3: Methodology 46

Introduction 46
Summary of the Study 46
۳٫۲٫۱ Participants 48

۳٫۲٫۲ Classroom Observation 49

۳٫۳ Demographic Data of the Students 50

۳٫۴ Classroom Environment 52

۳٫۴٫۱ Setting 52

۳٫۵ Classroom Practices 52

۳٫۵٫۱ Listening Materials Implemented in Class 52

۳٫۵٫۲ Class Procedure 53

۳٫۶ Teacher’s Pedagogy 54

۳٫۷ Interviews 55

۳٫۷٫۱ Interviews with Students 56

۳٫۷٫۱٫۱ First Interview 56

۳٫۷٫۱٫۲ Second Interview 56

۳٫۸ Self-Evaluation Questionnaire 57

۳٫۹ Language Learning Strategy Questionnaire 58

۳٫۱۰ Data Collection 59

۳٫۱۱ Analysis of Data 60

۳٫۱۲ Validity and Reliability 63

Chapter 4: Results 64

Introduction 64
Summary of the Study 64
Results of the Study 65
۴٫۳٫۱ Results for Fundamental Research Question: 66

Influences of Aural Authentic Materials

۴٫۳٫۱٫۱ Results from the Interviews with Students 67

۴٫۳٫۱٫۲ Results from the Class Observation 69

۴٫۳٫۱٫۳ Results from the Self-Evaluation 71


۴٫۳٫۲ Summary of Findings Related to the Influences 72

of Aural Authentic Materials

۴٫۳٫۳ Results for Secondary Research Question#1: 73

Learning Strategy Use

۴٫۳٫۳٫۱ Results from the Interview with 73


Results from the Class Observation 75
Results from the Learning Strategy 76

۴٫۳٫۴ Summary of Findings Related to the Learning 77

Strategy Use

۴٫۳٫۵ Results for Secondary Research Question#2: 79

Attitudes towards Language Learning

۴٫۳٫۵٫۱ Results from the Interviews with 79


Summary of Findings Related to the Students’ ۸۰
Attitudes towards Language Learning

۴٫۴ Overall Findings of the Study 80

۴٫۴٫۱ Students with no Progress in Listening Ability 81

۴٫۴٫۲ Students with Progress in Listening Ability 82

Chapter 5: Conclusion 84

Introduction 84
Summary of the study 84
Discussion of Results 86
۵٫۳٫۱ Authenticity of the Listening Materials 86

۵٫۳٫۲ Influences of Aural Authentic Materials on 89

Listening Comprehension

Use of Learning Strategies 92
Attitudes towards Language Learning 94
۵٫۴ Conclusions 96

۵٫۵ Recommendations 102

۵٫۵٫۱ Recommendations for Further Research 102

۵٫۵٫۲ Implications for Teaching 103

Bibliography 105

Appendices 123

Appendix A 124

Appendix B 125

Appendix C 129

Appendix D 131

Appendix E 137

Appendix F 145

Appendix G 147

Appendix H 148

Appendix I 149

Appendix J 150

Appendix K 151

Appendix L 157


It is the highest time I seized the opportunity to offer my most genuine and profound words of gratitude to many people to whom I owe the accomplishment of this research. Among many people who have bestowed, most kindly, their invaluable help upon me I should specifically thank my honorable thesis advisor, Dr.Karkia, who patiently went through every line of this thesis and provided me with many insightful comments and invaluable suggestions. I would also like to extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Ghahremani Ghajar, my thesis reader, for her most professional guidelines, meticulous reading of this manuscript, making insightful suggestions and corrections; for her expertise and time. I am also very much grateful to Dr. Rahimi for her critical evaluation, and judgment of this thesis.

Also my thanks and best wishes go to all students who participated in the present study, without whose cooperation this research would not have been conducted.

Last, by no means least, a truly cordial sense of thankfulness to my parents General Ali Ghaderpanahi and Firooze Nobariyan for their support and everlasting encouragement throughout my educational years.


The fundamental purpose of this study was to examine the influences of aural authentic materials on listening ability of thirty female undergraduate psychology majors studying English as a foreign language. The secondary purposes of the study were to identify the learning strategies used by EFL students experiencing authentic listening texts and to determine the influences of authentic materials on EFL students’ attitudes towards learning English.

A quantitative and qualitative analysis was offered in this study. It basically focused on using authentic materials and real-life situations as part of the communicative approach. Sources for designing and implementing effective listening strategy instruction and the transcript of one-hour videotaped session were recorded and analyzed. The results of the listening comprehension posttest were compared to that of the pretest using a 2-tailed t-test (p < .05). A one-way ANOVA on the mean strategy use was applied (p < .05).The results of the qualitative data analysis were in line with and confirmed that of quantitative. Analysis of the interviews and the questionnaires revealed that the use of authentic materials in the EFL classroom helped increase students’ comfort level and their self-confidence to listen to the foreign language. Results showed a statistically significant improvement in listening ability, as well as the positive effect on EFL students’ motivation to learn the language. Recommendations were offered to ease students’ frustration that resulted from the speed of authentic speech. Pedagogical implications of the results were discussed along with the impact on EFL students’ listening comprehension development.

List of Tables

Table 1: Source of Data 48

Table 2: Demographic data of Strategy 51

Table 3: Analysis of Data 62

Table 4: Interview Results 68

Table 5: Results from Class Observation 70

Table 6: Students’ Responses on Self-Evaluation Questionnaire 71

Table 7: Interviews with Students on Learning Strategy Use 74

Table 18: Class Observation on Learning Strategy Use 75

Table 9: Responses to Questionnaire on Learning Strategy Use 78



متن کامل را می توانید دانلود نمائید چون فقط تکه هایی از متن پایان نامه در این صفحه درج شده (به طور نمونه)

ولی در فایل دانلودی متن کامل پایان نامه

همراه با تمام ضمائم (پیوست ها) با فرمت ورد word که قابل ویرایش و کپی کردن می باشند

موجود است

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